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ChatGPT Can Now Browse the Internet in Real Time – Here’s What’s New

OpenAI’s ChatGPT now has a real-time web browsing feature, leaving the old “ChatGPT uses data before September 2021” behind. This new function allows ChatGPT to access and retrieve up-to-date information from across the internet, directly responding to user queries with the most current data available.

The latest update to ChatGPT represents a notable advancement in artificial intelligence interaction. By incorporating the ability to browse the internet, ChatGPT has become a more powerful tool for users seeking immediate and accurate information.

What ChatGPT’s New Update Means

ChatGPT’s shiny new update now integrates essential functions to its kit such as web search, data analysis, and AI image generation. This integration streamlines the user experience, providing efficient means to access up-to-date data with less reliance on third-party plugins.

Requirements to Use ChatGPT’s Web Search Function

In order to use ChatGPT for search, you would need to be subscribed to ChatGPT Plus. You can find out more about it here.

Steps on How to Search the Web Using ChatGPT

Use ChatGPT’s web search in 2 steps:

  1. Click “ChatGPT” at the top of the screen.
  2. Choose GPT-4.

What Can You Search Using ChatGPT?

ChatGPT’s browsing feature is expansive, covering a wide range of topics. Users can inquire about:

  • Current events and news updates.
  • Academic and scientific research findings.
  • Economic data and financial insights.
  • Health advisories and medical research.
  • Legal precedents and judicial opinions.
  • Technological breakthroughs and product reviews.
  • Cultural news, including literature and arts.

For example, you can ask ChatGPT to:

  • “Summarize the key points from the latest tech conference.”
  • “List recent breakthroughs in biotechnology.”
  • “Give an overview of current stock market conditions.”
  • “Detail new findings in nutritional science research.”

ChatGPT Web Search vs. Plugins like WebPilot

ChatGPT’s new web search function can retrieve information from the internet in real time. This might sound like a functionality of the popular ChatGPT plugin called WebPilot. But it’s actually pretty different. WebPilot does not search the web, it scans links you ask ChatGPT to.


Q: What kind of searches can ChatGPT perform? A: ChatGPT can handle a diverse range of search queries, from straightforward fact searches to compiling detailed reports.

Q: How secure is web browsing with ChatGPT? A: The direct integration of the web browsing feature within ChatGPT offers a secure way to access information, free from the potential vulnerabilities of third-party plugins.

Q: What do I need to use ChatGPT’s web browsing feature? A: An active ChatGPT Plus plan is the only requirement to start using the web browsing feature.

Q: Does ChatGPT’s web search accommodate different languages? A: Yes, ChatGPT’s advanced language models allow it to process and deliver search results in various languages.

For more information on ChatGPT’s capabilities and the latest updates, please refer to OpenAI’s update page.

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