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The Best Fonts on Canva: Make Your Designs Look Like a Million Bucks

Canva is the best place to design your next masterpiece. Not only can you use the platform to craft beautiful graphics, but Canva fonts can also be used in your designs. Canva fonts let you create graphics with a vintage touch that can be perfect for social media posts, blog posts, and more. In this blog post, we’re bringing together 10 of the best fonts on Canva and how you can incorporate them in your designs.

What Are the Best Fonts on Canva?

Canva is a great platform for creating custom designs on the go. With over a hundred fonts to choose from, it offers a wide variety of font options to make your design look perfect. The font drop-down menu in Canva can be used to select fonts of different styles and sizes. You can also import fonts into Canva using third-party tools. This will allow you to access additional design options and customize your font choice as per your specifications. The popular Canva Student Font is a great handwriting font for text that is easily readable and looks professional. Other elegant and fancy fonts such as Apricots can be great additions to any design. You can find fonts suitable for any type of project on Canva, making it the best platform for creating custom designs on the go.

1. Alata

Alata is a modern font inspired by the look of early 20th-century posters and Greek inscription. It has suitably classic serifs and typeface design, making it versatile for a range of different type of text. The font can be used in logos, magazines, and websites, as well as small text. Alata is a great choice for those looking for a modern font with a classic feel. It can be used to create unique and modern designs that can be easily read and understood by audiences around the world. Alata is a versatile font that can be used to create unique and modern designs that can be easily read and understood by audiences around the world.

2. PT Serif

PT Serif is best used for body copy with its playful letters and bold, yet minimal and clean look. PT Serif is a versatile typeface that can be used in a variety of projects.

3. Bebas Neue

Bebas Neue is great for headings because of its intense design. Bebas Neue has several variations, allowing for more flexibility. This font is great for creating visually appealing documents, such as resumes and business proposals.

4. Merriweather

Merriweather is a versatile typeface that can be used for a variety of design projects. It is designed to be legible and comfortable to read on screen, which makes it ideal for use in logos, headings, and text. Merriweather is available in a variety of weights and styles, so you can find the perfect option for your project. Whether you are creating a logo, heading text, or visual design, Merriweather can help make your work look professional and unique. This versatile typeface is sure to be a valuable asset in your design arsenal.

5. Tenor Sans

Tenor Sans is a serif font that can be used to communicate trust and authority to viewers. It is characterized by its sharp ears and loops for a more defined and trustworthy structure. This typeface is ideal for subheadings due to its wide lettering that stands out without overshadowing the headings in your text. The typeface is also legible and simple, making it a great choice for body text. There are two versions of Tenor Sans: Migra Extralight, which is optimized for display sizes and Serif, which provides additional serif styling. Both versions are available in numerous font formats, such as fonts for social media and professional design templates.

6. Barlow Bold

Barlow Bold is a modern sans serif font that pairs well with a classic serif font, like Crimson Pro. It can be used for posters, infographic titles, heading for resumes and presentations. It works best with san serif fonts like Inter and other script fonts. This font is perfect for when you want to display your text in an elegant and bold fashion. Barlow Bold is a versatile typeface that can be used for many different design projects. It can be used to display your text in an elegant and bold fashion, making it perfect for creating posters, social media posts, or headers for websites.

7. Playfair Display

Playfair Display is a serif font with rounded corners and slender characters. It is easy on the eyes, highly legible, and enjoyable to use. It is a great pairing with Montserrat for a more elegant look. Playfair Display is commonly used in headers due to its aesthetic qualities. It can be used to create titles for posters and logo titles, as it fits the typeface design well. This font can be suitable for a variety of different applications and projects, depending on your specific needs and requirements. Whether you are creating a poster or logo title for your business or organization, or creating headings for an article or blog post, Playfair Display can be a great choice.

8. Cooper Hewitt

The Cooper Hewitt font works best as part of a main body of text and can be used in social media posts, newsletters, infographics, packaging, and more. It can be used to create high-end-looking designs, magazines, websites, or other creative designs that jump off the page. The typeface has been used to create high-quality graphics and look stunning in any project. Whether you’re creating a social media post or designing a business logo, the typeface can help give your project a polished and professional look. The typeface has been noted for its stylish, carefree and elegant letters that make it perfect for creating modern designs. It can be used to create engaging social media posts with its sleek and sophisticated style. Overall, the Cooper Hewitt font is one of the best fonts on Canva for creating modern-looking graphics.

9. Fraunces Thin

Fraunces Thin is a typeface that can be used to create striking and memorable designs. It can be used in combination with bold, modern sans-serif fonts such as High Cruiser to create a unique design. This typeface is best suited for text-heavy designs such as landing pages, short-form videos, and other online forms. It has a vintage feel and can be used to balance out an editorial design. It can also be used combined with other typefaces to create a unique look. Whether you are creating a social media page, blog post, or business card, Fraunces Thin can help you stand out from the crowd.

10. EB Garamond

EB Garamond is a serif font with classic look. It can be paired with the modern sans serif font Raleway to create a perfect balance for your design. It has a timeless feel and elegant look that is perfect for formal projects. It is a typeface designed by designer Georg Duffner in 2012 based on Claude Garamond’s designs from the 16th century. This typeface has the ability to combine classic elegance with modern style and can be used for all kinds of text-based projects, from posters to business cards to letterhead. If you are looking for a serif font with classic look that can be used in all kinds of projects, EB Garamond would be a great option to consider.

Best Groovy Fonts on Canva

Genty, Hatton Black, Kooka, and Lucky Bones are some of the best fonts on Canva. If you’re looking for groovy fonts that can add a unique touch to your designs, these fonts can be a great option.


Genty is a groovy font that can be used to make Canva designs stand out and look fancy. It can be used to create retro-style designs, especially if they incorporate elements from the 1970s. Genty is decorative enough to be bold and interesting, but not too decorative for short chunks of body text. It has small lines at the end of its characters, which can make for a stylish finish to your design. When choosing fonts for use in Canva designs, remember to look for typefaces that are both bold and interesting. The best fonts will be versatile enough to work in various design scenarios and can be adjusted to suit your project’s needs.

Hatton Black

Hatton Black is a free font on Canva that can be used to create professionally-looking social media posts and other visual projects. It is best suited for creating digital and printable planners, making videos for reels, or any other type of simple social media content. This typeface can be used to create professional-looking posts without costing a large amount of money.

It is perfect for creating visual content that needs to look high-end, modern, and stylish at the same time. This font can be used to create social media posts that can easily pass as being created by a professional brand. Whether you are creating social media content for your business or personal social media accounts, Hatton Black can help you create visually-stunning content quickly and easily.


Kooka font is a modern, clean font available in Canva. It has a personal-handwriting vibe, but is simplistic enough to act as a body text.

Tan Mon Cheri is a thin, lush, minimal-looking luxury font in Canva. Tan Aegean is an elegant display serif font with fine, luxurious, and playful letters. These fonts are ideal for creating classy-looking designs in Canva. They can be used to create social media posts, e-commerce sites, and more. The combination of elegance and simplicity makes these fonts one of the best elegant fonts in Canva. They can be used to create eye-catching designs that look visually appealing and professional.

Lucky Bones

Lucky Bones is an elegant and modern font. It’s perfect for online coaches, bloggers, branding, creating social media graphics, Tiktok and Youtube videos, and advertising. Lucky Bones can be used to create social media graphics such as profiles or banners. It can also be used in wedding designs, social media graphics, quotes, magazines, editorial designs, eBooks, and social media videos. Lucky Bones can be paired with San Serif fonts like Inter to create a balanced look. This versatile font looks great when pairing with serif fonts that have a more traditional appeal. Lucky Bones is a clean, chic font perfect for creating minimal aesthetics in your design projects.

Best Cursive Fonts on Canva


Amsterdam fonts can be used on Canva to create professional-looking designs. These fonts include four variations of Amsterdam: Amsterdam Two, Amsterdam Three, Amsterdam Four, and Amsterdam Five. Each font has its own distinct look, making it possible to create a variety of designs with a single font. One of these fonts best suited for short headers and not long chunks of body text is Amsterdam Two. This font can be used to create headers and titles that are easy to read at a glance. The typeface can also be used in text that is subheading or otherwise short in length. Tenor Sans is a great choice for such text as it has simple letterforms that make it easy to read at once. Other fonts available on Canva can be used to create custom designs that look professional and unique.


Cursive fonts can add a creative touch to designs on Canva. They are best suited for use in heading text and subheading text when creating social media posts, blog posts, and other text-based content. Cursive fonts can be a great choice for creating distinctive looks for social media posts, as they can help create a unique look for your content. If you’re looking for font options to use on Canva, you can upload them directly to your account or choose from several popular cursive fonts. Some good examples include typeface such as The Seasons, Libre Baskerville, Noto Serif Display, Merriweather, Playfair Display, Poppins Light, Glacial Indifference, Josefin Sans Thin, and Quicksand Light.

You can add a unique font to your social media posts by uploading it to your Canva account. This will allow you to easily change font styles in the future without needing to upload new graphics. Additionally, Migra Extralight and Tenor Sans are two modern serif fonts that can be used as a subheading text on Canva.


This font is a modern sans-serif typeface with a slightly curved design. It can be used to create luxury designs that look polished and sophisticated. It can be used to achieve a perfect balance between style and simplicity for a brand. The font is highly legible even in small sizes and can be used against busy backgrounds to make your design stand out. This typeface can be used to create sophisticated and elegant designs that can be easily read from across the page. Whether you are creating logo designs, posters, or social media posts, this font can help you achieve a unique look for your business.

Le Jour Script

Le Jour Script is a beautiful, calligraphy font that can be used to add a luxurious feel to heading text. P pairing Le Jour Script with Tex Gyre Bonum for subheadings can give a subtle soft look. Completing the font pairing with Tex Gyre Pagella for body text gives a legible modern font. Migra Extralight is a modern serif font that can convey trust to viewers. P pairing Migra Extralight with Tenor Sans for subheadings and body text can give a legible and simple look to your designs. With these fonts, you can create beautiful and bold-looking social media posts, blog posts, and other content with ease.

Tips for Choosing the Right Font Combination

It’s important to select fonts that add impact and personality to a design. There are many features to consider when selecting fonts, such as typeface, font size, boldness, and italicization. Understanding the different options can help you create a powerful visual impact in your designs. For example, typeface refers to the shape of a letter or character on a screen. Sans serif or serif fonts are best for most quotes because they are easy to read on screen. Use fonts that are legible and easy to read on screen, such as Arial or Georgia. Keep font usage to a minimum to keep your designs clean and sleek. In addition to font typeface, be sure to consider font family and font style for added personality in your designs. Fonts can be used for many different purposes, so choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

How to Find the Best Fonts for Your Design

If you’re looking for free fonts for your design, there are a few options to consider. One popular option is to visit Google Fonts or Typekit, which provide free fonts for web and other designs. These fonts can be a great way to save time and effort when creating your own fonts. Another option is to get Canva Pro, our font-making tool on This can help you access pro fonts and easily upload them to your designs. With this tool, you can create unique fonts of any type, size, and style without having to worry about the technical aspects of font creation. Overall, if you’re looking-to create unique fonts for your designs- any of these options can help you easily access free fonts that can enhance your design aesthetic.


There you have it. The best font pairing for canva designs. There is no perfect font pairing, but the ones mentioned above can surely help you design great-looking graphics with maximum impact. So, next time you design a canva design, try using one of these font pairs and see the difference they make to your work. They can be used in combination with any other font or can be used separately, depending on the design needs. Comment below which font pairing you use most commonly and know the best! Help others like you by sharing this blog with others!

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