What is Companion Mode in Google Meet?

Companion Mode in Google Meet is a feature designed to enhance the experience of hybrid meetings. It allows users to join a meeting with a secondary device, providing access to interactive tools like chat, screen sharing, and more, while their primary device handles the audio and video. This mode is especially beneficial in scenarios where some participants are in a physical meeting room while others join remotely. It ensures that everyone, regardless of their location, can fully participate in the meeting.

Why Use Companion Mode?

Companion Mode is ideal for various situations, particularly in hybrid work environments. It’s useful when:

  • Participants in a meeting room want to use the same interactive tools as remote attendees.
  • Someone needs to share a presentation from a secondary device.
  • Attendees wish to view the meeting presentation on one device and the video feed of other participants on another.

This mode addresses the challenge of ensuring that no one feels left out or unable to contribute fully, regardless of their physical location.

How to Use Companion Mode in Google Meet?

To use Companion Mode in Google Meet, follow these steps:

  1. Joining via Meeting Invite Link:
    • Click the meeting invite link.
    • On the ‘Ready to join?’ page, select ‘Use Companion Mode’ under ‘Other joining options’.
    • Your device will now be in Companion Mode, with audio and video disabled by default to avoid interference.
  2. Joining via Dedicated Website:
    • Visit the dedicated Companion Mode website (g.co/companion).
    • Enter the meeting code or link.
    • Click ‘Start Companion’ to join the meeting in Companion Mode.

Available Features in Companion Mode

In Companion Mode, you can:

  • Chat with other participants.
  • Share your screen for presentations.
  • Use the Raise Hand feature to request speaking permission.
  • Collaborate using the whiteboard.
  • Follow the meeting with closed captions.
  • Use emoji reactions for a fun response.
  • Turn on your video feed for remote participants.


Companion Mode in Google Meet is a valuable tool for enhancing the inclusivity and interactivity of hybrid meetings. By allowing participants to use a secondary device for additional features while their primary device handles the main meeting functions, it ensures that everyone, whether in the room or joining remotely, can fully engage in the meeting.

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