How to Add a Line Break in Google Sheets

In this quick guide, we’ll show you how to add a line break in Google Sheets. A line break is defined as creating another line of text within a single cell.

Extra: Scroll further down to see how to do it on the mobile app as well.

Steps for creating a line break

1. Double click on a cell

Double click on a cell to edit its contents more refinely. You can confirm that it worked when the cell’s borders are highlighted and a blinking cursor appears at the end of the text box.

2. Click where you want the line break to be

Using your cursor or keyboard arrow keys, go to where you want the line break to be.

3. On your keyboard, press Ctrl + Enter (for Windows) or Cmd ⌘ + Return (for Mac)

Hold and press these keys to add a line break. For non-tech savvy users, make sure to hold down the Ctrl (for Windows) or Cmd ⌘ (for Mac) first before pressing Enter or Return.

Options for Windows users:

  • Ctrl + Enter
  • Alt + Enter

Options for Mac users:

  • Cmd ⌘ + Enter
  • Option ⌥ + Enter
  • Control ⌃ + Enter

4. Press Enter (for Windows) or Return (for Mac) to view results

Once you’re done editing the cell, simply press Enter or Return to exit editing mode.

How to insert a line break on the Google Sheets mobile app (iOS & Android)

Don’t have no access to a computer? You can still add a line break to Google Sheets on your phone or tablet.

The best thing about this tip is that it works on any mobile platform, whether it’s an iPhone, Android phone, iPad, Android tablet, or Windows tablet.

1. In the Google Sheets app, open your sheet and tap on a cell

Open your Google Sheets app, sheet file, and tap on the cell you want to add a line break on.

2. Enter Edit mode by tapping “Enter text or formula” at the bottom

At the bottom, you’ll can access Edit mode by tapping on “Enter text or formula” or the pencil icon.

3. Add this formula to the text box: =“Hello” & CHAR(10) & “world” and edit the text

Note: “Hello” and “world” are just example texts.

On the newly appeared text box, paste this formula:

=“text” & CHAR(10) & “text”

Do not remove the quotation marks on the formula.

Change the word — text — to your desired content.

4. Tap the check mark ✓ to finish editing your cell

Finish it up by tapping the check mark ✓ on the right-hand side of the text box.

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