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How to Add a Trendline in Google Sheets

Short Answer

Adding a trendline in Google Sheets is as simple as double-clicking on your chart and ticking the ‘Trendline’ option under the ‘Customize’ tab. You can also customize the type, appearance, and labels of the trendline to better fit your data.


Google Sheets provides a robust platform for data analysis, and adding a trendline is one of its key features. A trendline helps you understand the overall pattern of your data, making it easier for you to make informed decisions. This guide will walk you through the steps to add and customize a trendline in Google Sheets.

Steps to Add a Trendline

  1. Double-Click on the Chart: Open your chart and double-click on it.
  2. Navigate to Customize Tab: Go to the ‘Customize’ tab under the ‘Chart Editor’ on the right side of your Google Sheet.
  3. Tick on Trendline: Under the ‘Series’ menu, tick the ‘Trendline’ option. Google Sheets will automatically add a linear type trendline to your chart.

Customizing Your Trendline

  • Changing the Type: Google Sheets offers six types of trendlines—Linear, Exponential, Polynomial, Logarithmic, Power Series, and Moving Average. Choose the one that best fits your data.
  • Formatting the Aesthetics: You can change the color, opacity, and thickness of the trendline.
  • Adding Labels: Label your trendline with an equation to understand the mathematical model that fits your data best.

Advanced Customizations

  • Polynomial Degree: If you choose a polynomial trendline, you can specify the degree.
  • Moving Average Options: For a moving average trendline, you can choose either ‘Trailing’ or ‘Centered’ and also change the corresponding period.
  • Show R2: Tick on ‘Show R2’ to display the correlation coefficient, which helps in determining the reliability of the trendline.


Adding a trendline in Google Sheets is a straightforward process but offers a powerful way to analyze your data. With various customization options, you can make your trendline as simple or as detailed as you need.

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