How to Add Attachments to HubSpot Emails

In today’s fast-paced business environment, attaching documents to emails is a necessity. Whether it’s for sending proposals, contracts, or informational brochures, attachments are a staple in email communication. HubSpot users, however, need to navigate a specific set of steps to include attachments in their emails due to the platform’s unique features aimed at optimizing deliverability and security.


HubSpot, the comprehensive CRM platform, offers a variety of tools to enhance customer engagement, including a robust email marketing system. While attaching files to emails in HubSpot is not as direct as in other platforms, it’s designed to ensure high deliverability and user security. This guide will provide you with a clear path to adding attachments to your HubSpot emails, ensuring your message is both received and read.

How to Add Attachments to HubSpot Emails

To attach a document to a one-to-one or sales email in HubSpot:

  1. Log into your HubSpot account and select Contacts > Contacts.
  2. Click on the contact you wish to email.
  3. Within the contact record, click the Email tab.
  4. Write your email and click the paperclip icon to attach your file.
  5. Upload a file from your computer or choose an existing one from the file manager.
  6. Keep in mind the 20 MB size limit for email attachments.

For marketing emails, HubSpot advises linking to documents stored in your file manager to prevent triggering spam filters and to improve email loading times.


Why doesn’t HubSpot support attachments in marketing emails? HubSpot’s policy aims to enhance email deliverability and user experience. Attachments can trigger spam filters and slow down email loading, which can negatively affect deliverability. Moreover, to mitigate security risks, HubSpot recommends linking to files rather than attaching them directly.

How can I share a document in a HubSpot marketing email? Upload the document to your HubSpot file manager and insert a link to the document in your email. This ensures faster loading times and maintains deliverability.

What is the file size limit for attachments in HubSpot emails? The limit for attachments in one-to-one and sales emails is 20 MB.

Can I attach multiple files to a HubSpot email? Yes, multiple files can be attached as long as the total size is under 20 MB.

What if my attachment is too large for a HubSpot email? If the file is over 20 MB, consider compressing it or using a file-sharing service, then link to it in your email.

Can I track if my attached document was viewed in HubSpot? HubSpot doesn’t track attachments, but if you link to a document in the file manager, you can track link clicks to gauge engagement.

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