Can LinkedIn Premium See Anonymous?

Are you curious whether upgrading to LinkedIn Premium will allow you to see who views your profile anonymously? Or perhaps you’re using LinkedIn’s anonymous browsing feature and wondering if Premium members can identify you. This article addresses these common concerns, providing clear insights into LinkedIn’s privacy settings for both free and Premium users.

What is Anonymous Mode in LinkedIn?

Anonymous Mode on LinkedIn allows you to visit profiles without revealing your identity. When activated, you appear as a ‘LinkedIn Member’, keeping your details hidden. This feature is equally accessible to both free and Premium LinkedIn members.

Can LinkedIn Premium Users See Anonymous Profiles?

No, LinkedIn Premium users cannot see the identities of those who view their profiles anonymously. LinkedIn’s privacy policy ensures that your identity remains concealed when you choose to browse in Anonymous Mode. While Premium users have access to more detailed analytics about their profile viewers, anonymous visitors are still displayed only as ‘LinkedIn Member’.

Can LinkedIn Premium Members View Profiles Anonymously?

Yes, LinkedIn Premium members have the option to view profiles anonymously, just like free users. When a Premium member switches to Anonymous Mode, they can browse other profiles without revealing their identity. However, it’s important to note that while in Anonymous Mode, Premium users will also lose access to some of the advanced features associated with their account, such as seeing the list of people who viewed their profile.

How to Set Your LinkedIn Profile to Anonymous Mode

To ensure your browsing remains private, here’s how to activate Anonymous Mode:

  1. For Desktop Users:
    • Visit your LinkedIn profile.
    • Click on the ‘Me’ icon, then select ‘Settings & Privacy’.
    • Under ‘Visibility’, go to ‘Profile viewing options’.
    • Choose ‘Private mode’ for anonymous browsing.
  2. For Mobile App Users:
    • Open the LinkedIn app and tap your profile picture.
    • Navigate to ‘Settings’, then select ‘Visibility’.
    • Tap on ‘Profile viewing options’.
    • Select your desired visibility setting.

Tips for Using LinkedIn Anonymous Mode

  • For Discreet Research: Use Anonymous Mode to explore competitors or industry trends without revealing your identity.
  • While Job Hunting: Browse job listings and company profiles discreetly, especially if you’re currently employed.
  • Remember Networking Limitations: While Anonymous Mode protects your privacy, it also restricts others from viewing your profile, which can impact networking opportunities.

In summary, LinkedIn’s Anonymous Mode offers privacy for all users, regardless of their subscription type. It’s a valuable tool for discreet browsing but remember that it also limits your visibility to others, which is an important consideration for professional networking and relationship building.

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