How to Do Payroll in QuickBooks


Managing payroll is a crucial part of running a business. QuickBooks offers an efficient way to handle this task, providing benefits like automated tax calculations and withholdings. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to do payroll in QuickBooks, ensuring that you pay your employees accurately and on time.

Step 1: Navigate to Payroll

After logging into your QuickBooks account, navigate to the “Payroll” tab to get started. This is your central hub for all things payroll-related.

Step 2: Enter General Information

Before you can run payroll, you’ll need to enter some general information about your employees and your business. This includes year-to-date payroll details, which are essential for accurate W-2 forms.

Step 3: Add Employees

The next step is to add your employees into the system. You’ll need to input their basic information, pay schedule, and wage details. You can also set up deductions and contributions at this stage.

Step 4: Complete Employee Information

Fill in any remaining details for your employees, such as their withholding information from Form W-4s. Make sure to provide accurate year-to-date totals, as these are crucial for reporting and tax purposes.

Step 5: Run Payroll

Once all the information is in place, you can run your payroll. Go to your “Payroll” dashboard and click the “Run Payroll” button. For hourly employees, you’ll need to enter their current hours worked.

Step 6: Review and Submit

Before finalizing, review all the details to make sure everything is correct. Once you’re satisfied, click “Submit” to complete the process.

FAQ Section

How to do my own payroll in QuickBooks?
You can easily do your own payroll in QuickBooks by following the steps outlined in this guide.
Is it easy to do payroll on QuickBooks?
Yes, QuickBooks offers a user-friendly interface and step-by-step guidance to make the payroll process straightforward.
How do I run payroll myself?
To run payroll yourself, you’ll need to gather all necessary information about your employees and your business, then follow the steps in your chosen payroll software.
How do I set up payroll?
Setting up payroll involves entering detailed information about your employees and your business into your payroll software, then running the payroll based on this data.

Additional Resources

For more information on QuickBooks and its features, you can visit their official support page.

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