How to Delete a Shopify Store

Deciding to delete your Shopify store is a significant step. Whether you’re pivoting to a different business model or closing up shop, it’s crucial to know how to delete a Shopify store correctly. This guide will walk you through the steps and considerations you need to take into account.

Preparing to Delete Your Shopify Store

Before you go ahead and delete your store, there are some essential steps to consider:

  • Backup Your Data: Always backup your store data. You can export your product, customer, and order data in CSV format.
  • Cancel Subscriptions: Make sure to cancel any active subscriptions, including third-party apps.
  • Settle Outstanding Bills: Ensure all bills and charges are settled to avoid complications.
  • Transfer or Remove Custom Domains: If you have a custom domain, you’ll need to transfer or remove it before closing your store.

Step-by-Step Guide to Deleting Your Shopify Store

Step 1: Log in to Your Shopify Admin

Log in to your Shopify admin panel. Make sure you’re logged in as the account owner.

Step 2: Navigate to Settings

Go to the bottom left corner of your admin panel and click on “Settings.”

Step 3: Select ‘Billing’

In the Settings menu, click on ‘Billing’ to ensure all your bills are paid.

Step 4: Go to ‘Plan and Permissions’

Navigate back to Settings and select ‘Plan and Permissions.’

Step 5: Cancel Your Plan

Scroll down to the “Cancel Plan” section and click on it.

Step 6: Confirm Deletion

You’ll be asked to confirm the deletion and may need to provide a reason for closing the store. Confirm to proceed.

Step 7: Re-enter Your Password

For security reasons, you’ll be asked to re-enter your password. Once done, your store will be permanently deleted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you permanently delete a Shopify store?

Yes, you can permanently delete your Shopify store, but make sure to backup all essential data and settle any outstanding bills before doing so.

How do I permanently delete an inactive Shopify store?

To delete an inactive Shopify store, you’ll need to log in and follow the same steps as mentioned above.

How do I delete my Shopify store in 2023?

The steps to delete your Shopify store in 2023 are the same as those outlined in this guide.

How do I delete everything from my Shopify store?

To delete everything, you’ll need to follow the steps above, which will remove all data, including products, customer information, and settings.


Deleting your Shopify store is a straightforward process if you follow the steps carefully. Always remember to backup your data and settle all outstanding bills to ensure a smooth transition.

Additional Resources

For more information, you can visit Shopify’s official support page.

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