Taking a Break? Here’s How to Pause Your Shopify Store

If you’re considering a break from your Shopify store, you can easily do this by going to Settings > Plan > Deactivate Store > Pause and Build Plan, after logging in using your email and password. There’s also an option to close your online store entirely. We’ll get into the details of these options below.

Running a store involves a lot of work. Sometimes, due to various factors like customer attrition, decreased sales, or a stale product catalog, you might feel the need to take a step back. Pausing your Shopify account can provide some respite and also pave the way for future growth. In this post, we will guide you through the process and benefits of pausing your Shopify store.

Who can pause their Shopify store?

Any store owner who is past their free trial period and currently on a paid plan can pause their store. The good news is you can do this independently from the admin dashboard, as long as your account doesn’t have any active suspensions or cancellations.

How to Pause Your Shopify Store

The process is straightforward. Once you’re logged into your Shopify admin dashboard using your email and password, go to “Settings”, select “Plan”, and choose the “Pause & Build” plan. Confirm the switch, and your store will be deactivated, and orders will stop being processed until you decide to resume your subscription.

Advantages of Pausing Your Store

Pausing your store can prevent customers from encountering stock issues or failed deliveries, saving you time and money. It also allows you to continue working on your store and identifying new product opportunities, which could increase sales and profits in the long run. Plus, pausing can help reduce stress and provide more free time for other aspects of your life, like managing your Facebook page or trying out third-party apps.

Pausing vs. Closing Your Shopify Store

The main difference between pausing and closing a store lies in your ability to continue working on it. A paused store can still be edited and improved, while a closed store is completely inaccessible. Shopify offers the “Pause and Build” plan at a reduced subscription fee, allowing you to retain your progress and quickly reopen when you’re ready to move to a new plan.

The Pause and Build Plan

The Pause and Build plan allows you to put your store on hold for up to three months. During this time, the checkout function is disabled, but you can still tweak your pages and your custom domain remains intact. Just note that this plan doesn’t affect third-party app subscriptions.

Closing Your Store

Closing your online store means it is no longer active and won’t accept new orders. Before you do this, make sure to clear any unpaid balances and resolve outstanding gift cards. If you’re using a third-party store management service, deactivate it before closing your Shopify store. After closure, you can monitor your store status from your account dashboard.

How to Reopen Your Store

If you decide to resume, login using your email and password and select “Settings > Plan > Pause and Build Plan” to reactivate your store and resume normal checkout functionality.

Frequency of Pausing

With Shopify, you can pause your store for any length of time, as many times as you like, for a minimal monthly fee. This lets you take a break without disrupting your store’s settings or orders.


Pausing your Shopify store is a significant decision. We hope this guide has been helpful in providing you with the necessary information to make an informed decision. Always remember to assess your business goals before deciding to pause or close your store. If you have more questions, you can search online or reach out to Shopify’s support for assistance.

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