How to Pre-Save on Spotify: A Short Guide

Spotify’s pre-save feature is a fantastic tool for both music enthusiasts and artists. It allows fans to bookmark upcoming releases, ensuring they never miss out on new music from their favorite artists. For artists, it’s an effective way to build anticipation and increase streams upon release. Let’s explore how you can utilize this feature, whether you’re a fan or an artist.

Understanding Spotify’s Pre-Save Feature

Pre-saving on Spotify is akin to setting a reminder for a new song or album. For fans, it means automatically having new music added to their library as soon as it’s released. For artists, it’s a strategy to boost engagement and streams from the get-go.

Steps to Pre-Save on Spotify for Fans

  1. Locate the Pre-Save Link: Artists share these links on social media, official websites, or through Spotify’s promotional channels.
  2. Follow the Link: Click on the pre-save link, log in to your Spotify account if prompted, and confirm your pre-save.
  3. Access New Releases Instantly: On the release day, the pre-saved music will be available in your Spotify library under ‘Songs’ or ‘Albums’.

Guide for Artists to Set Up Pre-Save on Spotify

  1. Prepare Your Music: Ensure your music is ready for release through your chosen music distributor.
  2. Choose a Pre-Save Service: Utilize services like Distrokid’s Hyperfollow or CDBaby’s to create pre-save links.
  3. Obtain Your Spotify URI: This unique identifier for your release can be found in your Spotify for Artists account.
  4. Promote Your Pre-Save Link: Share the link across your social media platforms, email newsletters, and official website.


Q: What do I need to pre-save music on Spotify? A: A Spotify account is all you need. Simply click on the pre-save link provided by the artist and follow the instructions.

Q: How can artists create a pre-save link? A: Artists can use pre-save services and their Spotify URI to generate a pre-save link for their upcoming releases.

Q: Is there a cost associated with pre-saving on Spotify? A: No, pre-saving is a free feature available to all Spotify users.


Pre-saving on Spotify offers a win-win situation for both fans and artists. It ensures fans are always up-to-date with new releases, while artists can leverage the feature to boost their streaming numbers from day one.

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