What Font Does Spotify Use?

Spotify, known for its seamless music streaming experience, also stands out with its distinctive visual identity. A key element of this identity is the font it uses across its platform. In this blog post, we’ll explore the specific font used by Spotify and provide insights into where you can download it and how to use it in various applications.

What Font Does Spotify Use?

Spotify’s primary font is ‘Circular,’ a clean, modern sans-serif typeface. Developed by Lineto, Circular has become synonymous with Spotify’s brand, offering a sleek and contemporary look that complements its innovative service. This font is not only used on its website and app but also in marketing and promotional materials.

Where to Download the Spotify Font

While Circular is a proprietary font and not available for free download, there are similar alternatives that you can use. Fonts like ‘Montserrat’ and ‘Proxima Nova’ offer a close resemblance to Circular and are available on various font websites. For instance, Google Fonts provides Montserrat for free, making it a popular choice for those seeking a Spotify-like aesthetic.

Additionally, for those looking for a font closely resembling Spotify Circular, you can visit DaFontFree, which offers a similar font available for download. This can be a great resource for designers and creatives looking to capture the essence of Spotify’s visual style in their projects.

How to Use the Spotify Font

Using the Spotify font, or its alternatives, in various platforms requires different approaches. Here’s a brief guide for some popular platforms:

  • Google Docs: Add Montserrat from the ‘More Fonts’ option in the toolbar. Alternatively, use the Extensis Fonts add-on for more choices.
  • Canva: Upload Montserrat or Proxima Nova to Canva by accessing the ‘Brand Kit’ section in your account settings.
  • Photoshop: Install the font on your computer, and it will automatically appear in Photoshop’s font list.
  • Android Devices: Use specific apps like ‘iFont’ or ‘Font Installer’ to add new fonts to your Android device.
  • Cricut Design Space: Upload the font file to Cricut Design Space for use in your designs.


  1. Can I legally use the Spotify font for my projects? While you cannot use Circular, Spotify’s official font, without permission, you can use similar free fonts like Montserrat for your projects.
  2. Is the Spotify font available for commercial use? Circular is not typically available for public download or commercial use. However, alternatives like Montserrat are free for commercial use.
  3. How can I add the Spotify font to my website? For a similar look, you can embed Montserrat from Google Fonts into your website’s CSS.
  4. Can I use the Spotify font in Microsoft Word? Yes, once you download Montserrat or Proxima Nova, you can install them on your computer and use them in Word.
  5. Are there any free fonts similar to Spotify’s Circular? Montserrat and Proxima Nova are great free alternatives to Circular.


Understanding the font used by Spotify helps in creating designs and content that resonate with the modern and sleek aesthetic of the brand. While the exact ‘Circular’ font might not be readily available, the alternatives mentioned provide a similar feel, ensuring your projects carry a touch of Spotify’s iconic style.

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