What is Spotify Enhance?

Spotify’s Enhance feature is a game-changer for music enthusiasts seeking to revitalize their playlists. But what does enhanced do on Spotify? Simply put, it’s a tool that infuses your playlists with personalized song recommendations, seamlessly blending them with your existing tracks.

Understanding Spotify Enhance

Enhance is a Spotify Premium feature that adds a sprinkle of discovery to your playlists. It suggests songs that complement your existing playlist, offering up to 30 recommendations. These suggestions appear after every two tracks, and you can choose to permanently add them to your playlist.

How to Use Spotify Enhance: A Detailed Guide

  1. Access Your Spotify Account: Open your Spotify app on your mobile device or desktop.
  2. Choose Your Playlist: Navigate to one of your created playlists where you’d like to discover new music.
  3. Locate the Enhance Button: At the top of your playlist, you’ll find the Enhance button. It’s usually located near the play button.
  4. Activate Enhance: Tap or click on the Enhance button. Once activated, you’ll notice the interface slightly changes, indicating that the feature is now on.
  5. Discover New Songs: Spotify will start adding recommended songs to your playlist. These songs will have a distinct green ‘Enhance’ icon next to them.
  6. Review Recommendations: As you scroll through your playlist, you’ll see the new recommendations interspersed with your existing tracks.
  7. Add Songs to Playlist: If you find a recommendation you love, you can add it permanently to your playlist. Simply tap the ‘+’ icon next to the song.
  8. Remove Unwanted Songs: If a recommended song doesn’t fit your taste, you can ignore it, and it won’t be added to your playlist.
  9. Toggle Enhance On/Off: You can turn off Enhance at any time by tapping the Enhance button again. This will stop new recommendations from appearing but won’t remove already added songs.

Tips for Maximizing Enhance

  • Regularly Update Your Playlists: The more you update your playlists, the better Spotify’s algorithm can understand your preferences.
  • Engage with Recommendations: Adding or ignoring recommendations helps Spotify refine future suggestions.
  • Explore Different Playlists: Use Enhance on various playlists to discover a wider range of music.

The Magic Behind Enhance

Spotify’s algorithm analyzes your music preferences and playlist themes to suggest songs. This ensures that the recommendations are tailored to your taste and the mood of your playlist.

Enhance vs. Smart Shuffle

While Enhance adds recommendations to your playlist, Smart Shuffle, a newer feature, mixes these recommendations into your playback queue. Both aim to enrich your listening experience with new discoveries.

FAQ Section

  • Is enhance good on Spotify?
    • Yes, it’s great for discovering music that fits your playlist’s vibe.
  • What happened to enhanced on Spotify?
    • It was briefly replaced by Smart Shuffle but is still available for users.
  • What is the difference between smart shuffle and enhance on Spotify?
    • Enhance adds songs to your playlist, while Smart Shuffle mixes them into your queue.
  • How does Spotify’s enhance algorithm work?
    • It analyzes your music taste and playlist theme to suggest matching songs.


Spotify Enhance is a fantastic feature for those looking to discover new music that aligns with their current preferences. It’s a simple yet effective way to keep your playlists fresh and exciting.

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