Does Zoom Notify Screenshots?

Were you just about to take a screenshot on Zoom but hesitated? Scared that Zoom will notify everyone in the meeting? No shame in having this thought, after all, Snapchat and Instagram notify their users of post screenshots. So, is Zoom the same?

Does Zoom Notify When a Screenshot is Taken?

Zoom does not notify users when a screenshot is taken.

Whether you’re hosting or participating in a meeting, you can capture screenshots without the platform alerting other attendees. This feature remains consistent across different devices and operating systems.

How to Take Screenshots in Zoom

On Windows and Mac:

  • Using Built-in Tools: Windows users can utilize the Snipping Tool or the Print Screen key. Mac users have shortcuts like Command + Shift + 3/4.
  • Using Third-Party Tools: For more features like annotations and cloud storage, tools like Awesome Screenshot & Recorder are available.

On iPhone/iPad:

  • Using Device Buttons: Press the Home and Power buttons simultaneously on Touch ID devices. On Face ID devices, use the Volume Up and Power buttons.

On Android:

  • Standard Method: Press the Power and Volume Down buttons together.
  • Alternate for Some Samsung Devices: Use the Power and Home buttons.

FAQs About Zoom and Screenshots

  1. Does Zoom notify when a screenshot is taken? No, Zoom does not notify participants when a screenshot is taken during a meeting.
  2. Can I take a screenshot in Zoom? Yes, screenshots can be taken in Zoom using various methods depending on your device.
  3. Are there any privacy concerns with taking screenshots in Zoom? While Zoom does not notify about screenshots, it’s advisable to inform participants or seek permission as a courtesy.

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