Where Do Zoom Recordings Go? (Mac, Windows, Cloud)

Stumped at where your Zoom Recordings go? You’re not alone. Figuring out where your recordings end up can be a bit of a head-scratcher. Don’t worry, though – this guide’s got you covered. We’ll walk you through finding your Zoom recordings, whether you saved them on a Mac, Windows, or on Zoom’s Cloud.

Where Do Zoom Recordings Go (on Mac)

For Mac users, by default, Zoom saves these files in the Documents folder. To access them, simply open Finder, navigate to Documents, and then to the Zoom folder. Here, you’ll find your recordings neatly organized, named after the date, time, and title of your meetings.

Where Do Zoom Recordings Go (on Windows)

Windows users will find their Zoom recordings in a similar location. By default, Zoom stores these files in the Documents folder.

To access them, go to C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\Zoom. Inside, you’ll find your recordings, again organized by the date, time, and meeting title.

Where Do Zoom Recordings Go (in Zoom Cloud)

If you’re using Zoom’s cloud storage feature (available for paid accounts), accessing your recordings is just a few clicks away. Sign in to your account on the Zoom website, navigate to the ‘Recordings’ section, and you’ll find two tabs: ‘Cloud Recordings’ and ‘Local Recordings’. Under ‘Cloud Recordings’, you can view, download, or share your cloud-stored meetings.


Q: Where do Zoom recordings get saved? A: Zoom recordings are saved in the Documents folder by default, both on Mac and Windows. For cloud recordings, they are stored in your Zoom account under the ‘Recordings’ section.

Q: Why can’t I find my Zoom recording? A: Ensure you’re looking in the default location (Documents > Zoom). If you used cloud recording, check under the ‘Recordings’ tab in your Zoom account. If still not found, check your Zoom settings to confirm the designated storage location.

Q: Where are Zoom transcripts stored? A: Zoom transcripts, if enabled, are stored alongside the recordings in the same folder or in the cloud, depending on your recording settings.

Q: How do I download a recorded Zoom meeting? A: For local recordings, they are directly accessible from your computer. For cloud recordings, log in to your Zoom account, go to ‘Recordings’, and you’ll have the option to download them.

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