How to Cancel a Google Calendar Event (Meetings)

Cancelling a Google Calendar event is a common task, yet many people are unsure how to do it correctly. Whether you need to cancel a meeting or any other event, this guide will provide you with a simple, step-by-step process to do so efficiently and effectively.


Google Calendar is a powerful tool for managing your schedule, but sometimes plans change, and you need to cancel an event. This could be a regular meeting, a one-time event, or even a series of events. The process is straightforward, but it’s important to do it right to ensure all participants are notified and your calendar stays organized.

Steps to Cancel a Google Calendar Event

1. Open Your Google Calendar

  • Access your Google Calendar by logging into your Google account.
  • Navigate to the date of the event you wish to cancel.

2. Select the Event

  • Click on the event you want to cancel. This will open the event details.

3. Cancel the Event

  • Inside the event details, find and click the “Delete” or “Trash” icon.
  • Confirm the cancellation when prompted.

4. Notify Attendees

  • If others are invited, Google Calendar will prompt you to send a cancellation email.
  • You can customize the message to provide additional information or context about the cancellation.

5. Handling Recurring Events

  • For recurring events, Google Calendar will ask if you want to cancel only this instance or the entire series.
  • Choose the appropriate option based on your needs.

How to Cancel a Google Calendar Meeting as an Attendee

Sometimes, you might find yourself needing to cancel your attendance at a Google Calendar meeting. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open Google Calendar: Log into your Google account and open Google Calendar.
  2. Select the Event: Find the event you can no longer attend and click on it to view details.
  3. Delete the Event: Click the trash can icon to remove the event from your calendar. Note that this action only removes the event from your calendar and does not affect other attendees.
  4. Inform the Organizer: If necessary, use Google Calendar’s message window to inform the event organizer of your inability to attend and provide a brief explanation.

Additional Tips for Attendees:

  • Responding to Invitations: If you receive an event invitation via email, you can decline it by selecting “No” in the invitation. This will remove the event from your calendar and notify the organizer.
  • Handling Recurring Events: If declining a recurring event, you have the option to decline only the specific instance, all following events, or the entire series.
  • Professional Etiquette: Always try to notify the organizer in advance if you cannot attend, and if possible, ask for a meeting recording or summary to stay updated.

Why Cancel Events Properly?

Cancelling events properly in Google Calendar is crucial for several reasons:

  • Clear Communication: It ensures all participants are informed about the cancellation.
  • Maintains Calendar Integrity: Helps keep your calendar accurate and up-to-date.
  • Professionalism: Reflects a professional approach to schedule management.


Is there a way to cancel an event on Google Calendar? Yes, you can easily cancel an event by selecting it in your Google Calendar and clicking the “Delete” or “Trash” icon.

How do I cancel a scheduled meeting in Google Calendar? To cancel a scheduled meeting, open the event in Google Calendar and click on the “Delete” or “Trash” icon. If others are invited, you’ll have the option to send them a cancellation email.

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